$1,000 Paid Product Research Study Android Tablet Users

July 16th, 2013

International design firm IDEO, www.ideo.com seeksfeedback from people who are comfortable using Android. We’re looking for people to try out a new kind of tablet computer for two weeks. We’ll provide you with a working model and ask you to use it and give us your feedback during the two weeks between July 29-Aug 13.

To anchor the project, we’ll share a two-hour in-home conversation with you (and maybe members of your household) at the start the project and another conversation at the conclusion of the project. You’ll be given daily prompts to explore and interact with the tablet (such as using it in the kitchen, video conferencing, watching a movie, online shopping, or online gaming) and will be asked to capture, log and share those experiences with us. We’ll check in with you via phone or video calls to chart your progress.

Compensation will start at $1,000 for participation for those who complete the entire project. This will be dispersed throughout the two weeks in different forms.

They are looking for the following types of Android users:
– Single member household
– Young couple, living together with no children
– Family of parents living together with their high school aged children
– Multi-generational family (composed of grandparents, parents and children) living together in a household
– Multiple roommates sharing an apartment or house

For households with more than one individual, IDEO will require most/all members living in the home to participate in the research study. During recruiting, we may ask to speak with members of the household to help determine best fit.

Each household must already own an Android powered device and have wifi access in the home.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the screening survey below. They’ll be in touch if we think you may be a good fit.

APPLY HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vfyCAt8OgB1HMEnhGUZmY5v4n2U-QoYQll1T0UXv3JA/viewform?pli=1

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