20 Ways To Earn Extra Cash For Christmas

With holidays just around the corner, you might be in need of a little extra cash to offset your Christmas spending.  Fortunately there are many legitimate ways to make some extra cash to help you pay for Christmas

Here are 20 easy ways to make extra money before Christmas:

  1.  Rent out your space: if you have an extra bedroom or part of a basement that you don’t use, consider renting it. First consider friends or relatives, but if you don’t know anyone, then put an ad on

  3. Sell your body parts: ok, ok, I’m not talking about your organs — relax J; consider selling your hair, plasma, breast milk, sperm, eggs.

  5. Take part in a study: check out local research companies, universities or pharmaceutical companies. They are always in constant need of participants for their studies.

  7. Take surveys: Many companies and websites will pay for consumer opinions and demographic information. Be sure to do research on the compaay, you should never pay to take a survey.

  9. Sell your expertise on cha cha: Cha Cha is a service company which people either call or text their questions. As a Cha Cha representative, you choose the area of your expertise and provide answers. You can make between $3-$9 per hour.

  11. Make money with Cashcate: With, there are two ways to make money with them — 1) completing free offers, taking part in surveys, shopping online, etc.. 2)referring others to their program.

  13. Sell your skills online: There are so many ways to sell your skills at Look through the categories and find out how you can sell you and your time.

  15. Become a tutor: Parents are willing to pay good money so their children can learn another language, musical instrument or do better in school. Check out bulletin boards in universities/colleges or post an ad on Craigslist.

  17. Have a garage sell: Items that are hard to sell online would be good candidate to sell in a garage sell.

  19. Join Upromis. pays you 5% cash back, to put into your kids college fund, every time you shop online, buy groceries, or fill up your tank.

  21. Sell tickets: become a ticket broker. If you have a talent finding tickets for the right event for the right price, you can then use services such to post your tickets for free and sell them for a profit. Stubhub lets you sell tickets for whatever amount you want.

  23.  Become a driver – Lyft ( pays safe drivers $35 per hour to provide rides to passengers who request riders through the Lyft phone app.

  25. Become a sitter: offer to watch kids, pets, and elderly. You can make $15 per hour on a part time basis.

  27. Social Media Marketing:  Companies pay money for promoting their products on social media. If you have a big list of followers on your social networking sites, then this could be a good gig for you.

  29. Become a Microworker: Join and earn money for doing tiny tasks for other people. These can be data entry, liking social media sites, twitting products,..

  31. Make Money with Chegg. is an online tutoring platform. Students who need help with their homework and assignments post questions with cash rewards and depending on how well you answer it, you receive the cash.

  33. Sell your technical expertise: If you are tech savvy, sell your technical expertise on, you can earn rewards by answering people’s questions about programming, software, hardware, etc.

  35. Sell your writing skills: Content sites such as and are always looking for writers to contribute articles for various categories.

  37. Become a Mechanical Turk Work: Join Amazon Mechanical Turk ( Find tasks from the list of available tasks, which interest you. Complete them on your own time, get paid.

  39. Sell Tutorials on eBay: Put together a video tutorial on tasks that might be simple to you but complicated to someone who is not computer savvy. These could be simple tutorials about how to backup your images from your computer, how to recover your password, etc…


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