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6 Rules To Get Your Work At Home Resume Noticed

Work at home jobs is a domain that is increasingly becoming popular. More and more companies are outsourcing jobs to work at home individuals.

Many companies are outsourcing jobs to cut down on their overheads and maintain lean staffs that will help the company generate profit.
Thanks to the internet, more people are now staying at home and sourcing for jobs they can do online. This change has also necessitated the need for resumes online.

As much as asking for work at home resume is an effective procedure for employers, job seekers on the other hand see this as a maddening process.

However, as a work at home individual, you don’t have to scratch your head while creating your resume, use the following tips to come up with the perfect resume.

Functional Resume (Rule 1)
Create a resume that brings out the best of what you do as a work at home individual. Create the resume in a way that it will come out looking appealing to grab the attention of the potential employer. Create a functional resume that lists your work experience skill by skill area of job function.

Case in point, if you had previously worked at several executive posts, it is possible that you might have gathered a waft of experience in project management and planning. Take this opportunity to list down your various accomplishments in bullet format under the correct headings.
Creating a functional resume makes it possible for the recruiter to access your skills sets with ease and match your skills to the job requirements.

Your Contribution (Rule2)
The resume should reflect how you as the potential employee will be resourceful by utilizing your skills and experience.

Remember different organizations have diverse visions, values and culture. Carry out a thorough research and register how you can successfully contribute to the organization and feature it in your resume.

Sell yourself by listing the qualities and skills sets you will use to help the organization reach its goals.

Bullet Style (Rule 3)
As you create your resume, remember that hundreds if not thousands of potential employees have submitted their resumes and recruiters will only use the shortest time (20 seconds) to waft through your resume before tossing it in the spam folder.

To avoid your resume from being tossed, create it in a bullet style format. This format is clean, easy, well-spaced and will list the most important functions. Your resume will get more attention and may land you a job!

Goal Listing (Rule 4)
In your resume, to make it stand out and stamp your authority as a qualified work at home professional, you can list your goals that you plan on achieving. However, relate your goals with the organization and prove how you will reach your goals and help the organization reach its goals at the same time.

Keep it short, concise and straight-to-the-point.

Present Evidence (Rule 5)
Yes you are a work at home professional. Go ahead and present evidence pertaining to how you label yourself as. Showcase your work and what you’ve been able to achieve as a work at home professional and relate it to how you can help the individual or organization achieve their goals.
Show the potential employer how you will sacrifice your time and self-interests to help the organization achieve its desired goals.

Page restrictions (Rule 6)
Restrict your resume to a maximum of two pages. You may have a lot to say however restrict it to the relevant information according to the job at hand. Select your words wisely and use words that will remain informative and will pass across necessary information.

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