Ad Quality Rater "UK"

August 8th, 2013

ZeroChaos is looking for Ad Quality Rater. This is a Part-time 10-30 hours per week telecommuting position. (At least 10 hours required).

Pay rate is $15 per hour (paid biweekly)


  • Detect when advertising language sounds awkward, or unnatural, even if grammatically correct
  • Examining and analyzing text, web pages, images, and other kinds of information.
  • Help improve the accuracy/relevancy of the ads placed with search results and on websites.
  • Evaluate the accuracy of web advertising.
  • Communicate effectiveness of web layouts and information via an online tool


  • Need to have lived in “United Kingdom” at least totaling “12 months” in the past EIGHT years
  • Need to have the ability to comprehend newspaper-level text quickly in “British English” without consulting a dictionary?
  • Need to have kept up to date with the culture (web & media) related to “British English”
  • Need to have a STRONG ability to read & write in English
  • Need to be currently residing in the US & have valid US work authorization
  • Need to have a high-speed secure & private internet connection at your home


APPLY HERE: send an email in the following format to

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