At Home Transcriptionist

March 1st, 2013

Transcription Express, Inc. is currently looking for qualified candidates to do transcription from home.

They are currently working with approximately 125 home-based subcontractor/transcriptionists, who enjoy the benefits of working at home and being self-employed.

Your duties include, downloading client audio files to your computer via their digital system anytime, 24/7. Once work is completed, just upload your transcripts back to Transcription Express within 24-hours of receipt.

Besides a computer and internet connection, a digital footpedal, headset and license is required to access their system.

This is production-type work and you are paid for each page you produce, so depending on your typing speed and the amount of transcription you complete daily, most subcontractors can expect to earn from $350 to $1600.00 plus per month.

For more information, visit their site at and click on the employment tab.

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