Character Voice Talents

February 5th, 2013

Snap Recordings is looking for new voice talents to add to its lineup. All voice talents work from their home studios and receive scripts and deliver audio files via our FTP server. You must be able to return professional-quality recordings in a timely manner (2-3 business days for most orders, 24 hours for Rush Delivery order). Snap editors will handle all of the editing and mixing of the recordings so you don’t have to. Meaning, if you stumble over a line a few times, just leave it in and we’ll edit it ourselves.

Rates of pay:
Snap Recordings contracts non-union voice talents. Pay for the twice-weekly scripts is based on the combined word count of all orders. A script of 100 words or less pays $10.00. Beyond 100 words, pay is increased on a per-word basis beginning at 7 cents per word. Individual scripts can range from $10.00 to over $100.00.

Dialects desired (male and female):
Canadian English
French-Canadian (bilingual)
Latin Spanish (bilingual)

Fun character voices (male and female):
Life Coach/Inspiration Voices
Sports clubs/trainers
Fun Restaurant Voices
Regional Voices (Southern, etc.)
Children Voices
Holiday Voices (Halloween, Santa Claus, etc).


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