Creative Nonfiction Writers Profile

October 23rd, 2013

This company is looking for people interested in part-time work writing character pieces (around 2,500 words) about local entrepreneurs and business leaders. These are essentially creative nonfiction stories, taking information from an audio file interview (typically 2 hours in length) and weaving it into a compelling article that details how the person’s upbringing, character, and transformative life events feed into their business and leadership philosophies.

Technically speaking, this job requires good writing skills, an intuitive understanding of narrative flow, and an impeccable adherence to deadlines. It also requires creative brainpower not only in the crafting of the story, but in the analysis of a person’s character. You’ll have to spend some time really thinking about the person’s central theme. What makes them tick? What matters most to them? What are the common refrains that repeat through their lives? How does it all tie together?

They are looking someone who can commit to writing one piece every two weeks. They are also looking for someone who can hit the ground running with this and get started ASAP.

If interested in this work from home writing job, please visit the original job posting here to apply.

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