Do’s and Dont’s of Starting a Home-Based Business

Starting a home-based business can give you flexibility and an ideal work-life balance that many people dream of. You save on many expenses and get to spend more time with your family!

But home businesses also bring their own unique set of challenges. If you’re thinking about building one, prepare yourself well by knowing some fundamental home business do’s and dont’s.

Home Business Do’s

Do research faithfully and objectively.

Find out as much as you can about your potential home-based business. Although you may already have an idea about what kind of business you want to start, researching about it will help you decide if it’s really suited for you and your lifestyle.

Researching about the business means more than just finding out the capital you may need or the expected expenses. It also means learning from the mistakes of others who already did what you want to do. There are many reliable small business and entrepreneurship blogs which can help you decide and can answer your business questions.

Do prepare your home environment.

Home-based businesses provide freedom of time and less expenses compared to running a business on bought or leased space. But you have to make sure that your home, your family, and even your neighborhood is ready (or ideal) for your business operations.

Consider the space and equipment you’ll need or the possible noise you may create. While online business have the advantage of being location independent, businesses which involve creation of physical products (arts and crafts) or providing specific services (party and entertainment planning or pet-related) are a different story.

You should also make sure that your workspace is free from distractions so you can focus on running your business. Set your own business (and rest)  hours and explain to your family what you do so they can give you the space and time you need.

Do expect to spend.

Starting your own home-based business may be less expensive than setting up a traditional brick-and-mortar one, but this doesn’t mean you’re not going to spend money on it. Aside from the usual costs of starting out, there are also unexpected expenses that can sometimes make it impossible to continue.

If you did your research well, you’ll have an idea on what you need to prepare money. Several expenses include marketing, insurance, legal fees and licenses, supplies and equipment, and professional and merchant services. But rest assured that there are businesses you can start without having to spend much.

Home Business Dont’s

Don’t force a business idea.

A lot of home businesses are successful because of the passion and hard work that people put into it. If you’re just starting out and have no idea what to do, don’t begin your business just because you heard it was a easy or a great way to make fast money.

While this mentality may work for you at first, having no passion and solely focusing on money will not help your business grow. You at least have to like (better yet, love) what you do and have the willingness to learn more about it.

Don’t start without any goals.

Even if you didn’t really start off wanting to build a home business (for example, a hobby that started attracting customers), once you begin to get serious, create a plan and set goals. A common advice you’ll hear from successful entrepreneurs and businessmen is to set goals for yourself and for your business.

It could be earning or production goals or lead generation or web traffic goals. Having a plan to follow and goals to focus on will give you direction and help you take specific steps and do strategic tasks that will move your business forward. The $100 Startup website by Chris Guillebeau offers free resources, including a one-page business plan that can help you set your goals.

Don’t expect to get rich quick.

Real opportunities require real hard work. Some experts even say that you should not expect to make a living from your home-based business for as long as a year, so be prepared  to work on your business before you make any profit.

With popular arts and crafts and service-related businesses such as soap making, woodworking, photography, decorative wall painting, and child day care,  you need to give yourself time to find regular clients and establish a good reputation. This means you also have to market yourself, preferably both online and off.

Are you ready for your business adventure?

Your home-based business will require time, effort, and money. Expect it. But if you truly love what you do (or your motivation behind doing it is strong enough) and do your homework, you can also expect big rewards. Are you ready?

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