Canda Work From Home Writing Jobs

April 18th, 2013

This might be a good opportunity for writers in Canada to work from home and earn extra money.

New writers must submit a writing sample to determine what level of assignments they can claim. There are four tiers at The Content Authority: Tier,1 Tier 2, Tier, 3, and Tier 4. If the sample is approved, the writer will start at level 1. Their account is on probation until they write five test articles to be considered for promotion. It usually takes less than 48 hours to get a response.


At the present, The Content Authority pays each Monday through Paypal. You must earn $25 to be paid and fill out the proper tax forms. The amount an article pays is based on level. Here is a run down of the pay scale:

  • Tier 1: $.007 per word
  • Tier 2: $.01 per word
  • Tier 3: $.01.5
  • Tier 4: $.03

A 300 word article at Tier 1 is $2.10. At Tier 4, this same article would be $9. Rewrites are the same for everybody at .00165 per word.


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