Work At Home Writers

March 15th, 2013

Remilion is a Web media company on a mission to make education accessible is looking for experienced writers, journalists and researchers.

As a freelance content writer, you will work on a 1099 contract basis producing articles on higher education, K-12 education and career topics.

You get to choose your work from a large pool of topics and must be able to follow a guideline that ensures quality and consistency of the product. You can work from anywhere, day or night, as long as you provide your own computer and internet access. It is completely flexible, as long as you work at least 15 hours a week or produce at least 5 articles per week.

They offer consistent work and opportunity for increasing compensation. There is a learning curve to their content management system, so the initial pay rate for content writers is $8/hour. Pay rates are reviewed frequently and are based on content quality and efficiency scores.

Writers will be paid a one-time fee of $120 in lieu of an hourly rate for completing the orientation process. Most content writers are moved up to $9/hour — $10/hour within a few months

APPLY HERE for more detail and to apply.

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