Freelance Proofreader

August 1st, 2013

This company is looking for a freelance proofreader who has meticulous grammar/punctuation skills who is also adept at making corrections in MS Word. If you can do quick, accurate read and keep weekly deadlines, then you may be perfect match for this position. This position is long-term if your skills match our needs.

You will be e-mailed a selection of work that consists of creative writing. No content editing is done or required. You will proof ONLY for grammar, punctuation, accuracies (does the author refer to the U2 song as “Bloody Sunday,” when you know–or should know–that the song is really called “Sunday Bloody Sunday”), and making sure the text makes sense, in general. The proofreaders mark a hard copy with red ink, then they enter suggested corrections to electronic files.

The pay is $2 per page. The time for turnaround is one week or less.

APPLY HERE: –with the subject line “Proofreader Application Request”. No need to email a cover letter or resume.

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