Freelance Transcribers Fluent in spoken/written German

August 19th, 2013

This company is looking for Freelance Transcribers who are fluent in Spoken/Written German.

Essentially, the work involves listening to short audio clips of people talking into their phones and then typing what they say. They are looking for good spellers who instinctively know the correct spelling of words as well as German cultural references and dialectic phraseology, and who understand how to search for things using Google (DE).

The work is broken into individual audio clips or ‘utterances’ that you would hear from someone using talk-to-text. An utterance might be something short, like ‘ruf Mama an’, or it could be the address of a store, or a Google search, or one side of a spoken text message. The length of these utterances tends to average out. Every batch of 50 utterances is referred to as a ‘bundle’.

Transcription is compensated at a rate of $3.00 per ‘bundle’ (50 ‘utterances’), so if you are quick at transcribing this can easily translate to $15+ per hour. This is not something you have to do full time; we are flexible – we just expect a certain minimum commitment each week.

They are about to begin new project that will likely last for 6-8 weeks, so we are looking for people who can start right away.

They have set up a short transcription test to see how good your German listening/writing skills are, so if you’d like to be considered for a position, please take this test as soon as possible. We expect positions to fill up quickly, so you don’t want to miss out!

The test can be found at:

They recommend using the Google Chrome browser. Please follow the instructions and take the test seriously – you’ll need to score highly to be offered a position.


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