Freelance Writers

July 29th, 2013

Internet Brands owns and operates a portfolio of over 100 websites reaching an audience of over 100 million people every month and they hire freelance writers to write content for those sites.

When a freelancer is hired by Internet Brands they are assigned a certain website and provided guidelines that are specifically for their designated site. Writers may apply to write for more than one website, but they must apply separately with a new application each time.

Internet Brands pays twice a month, via check or direct deposit. When direct deposit is chosen, writers will receive a statement in the mail with payment details. The pay ranges from $4.00 and up per article, with articles as small as 200 words.

This is a 100% freelance, telecommuting position. Assignments, writing, editing, and submissions are all handled through our online system or through email with the Content Manager. All you need is a computer, Internet access, and the ability to deliver clean, informative and energetic copy.

Note: when you apply, it takes about three, sometimes even four weeks for a writer to receive an email stating they have been hired or not.


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