Get Paid For Running Errands & Looking (work from home)

November 27th, 2012

WeGoLook is an organization that provides services globally.  Each year, literally millions of consumers go online to make a purchase and end up being a victim of fraud or find themselves in the midst of a scam. WeGoLook® is to provide a service, that regardless of the consumer location, they can verify an item, property, or person by dispatching a “Looker®” on their behalf and providing them with a personalized and affordable report.

Their online platform of over 7,000 Nationwide “Looker® Inspectors” (Background checks may or may not be performed on Lookers outside of the United States) are locally dispatched to an item, auto, property or online date to verify its existence or condition on-site. The WeGoLook® personalized report includes current photos, video, seller demo, arranging transport/shipping and more. The basic onsite report is not only affordable, but allows our customers to be better informed and avoid fraud/misrepresentation when purchasing items sight-unseen.

Visit their website HERE for more detail and find out how you can become a Looker


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