Get Paid For Your Experties At Zintro

March 22nd, 2015

Zintro is a a Web-based client-expert matching service. It’s a database that connects experts in all professions by connecting “expert-seekers” (clients) to “client seeks” (you the expert).

Zintro is free to join for both the clients and the experts but the hiring clients/businesses are required to put the money into an escrow account once a service provider is signed on. Once you settle on an expert, Zintro helps you schedule a phone call, and charges your credit card or PayPal account for the amount of the expert’s fee, plus Zintro’s 30 percent introduction fee—say, $100 for the expert plus $30 for Zintro. The funds go into an escrow account, and Zintro provides a dial-in number that both parties can call at the agreed time. Once the call is over and both parties confirm how much time was used, the fee is released to the expert.

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