Great Business Ideas that Brought Money to Their Owners

April 27th, 2017

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Undoubtedly, the competitiveness of business environment is constantly growing. But even under such harsh circumstances, there are people who managed to come with simple, original and interesting ideas that made them wealthy in a very short period.

Are these businessmen geniuses or just the lucky ones? To find out the answer, examine the below bright ideas that got funding and were successfully implemented. Maybe, you’ll find some patterns and d understand why the ideas presented below hit the bull’s eye while most of look-alike analogs failed.

#1 Potato Salad

Many have heard about the Kickstarter, as crowdfunding platform to collect a certain amount of money from voluntary donations for startups and creative and scientific projects.

Potato salad by Zack Danger Brown got about $55 000 donations, which was 5 times greater than the target $10 000. Quite possibly this is the most expensive salad in the world!

#2 Stone Pet

What could motivate people to buy a stone and in a cardboard box with hay inside in the 1970s? Nothing but the amazingly profitable inscription “The Pet Rock” on the box!

Gary Dahl, an entrepreneur from California, bought a few stones at a nearby store and started his business.  The production costs were about $1; the price for the box was $4; the profit was about $3 or 300% from each sold box!

From the proceeds, Dahl opened a bar ironically named Carrie Nations. Later, the businessman tried to sell mainland China into the US, but this attempt failed due to the lack of demand.

#3 Selling Pixels

As you know, a pixel is the smallest graphic unit on the monitor screen. In 2005, one enterprising student came up with the idea of ​​selling ten pixels of his website to advertisers (like a billboard). At that time, a typical LCD-monitor counted 1024 pixels. In less than a year, he sold out all the free space on the website and earned about $500 000!

Paradoxically, isn’t it? At first glance, it seems useless to buy a pixel on someone’s website, but that amusing idea had great success!

Finally, people with a good sense of humor are always close to you!

Smart Business Idea


#4 Glasses for Fogs

Does your favorite dog need sunglasses? Hardly! But glasses for dogs were in great demand among dog owners and brought astonishing sums to the creators. Probably, you’ve heard about Doggles products available in 16 countries. The assortment is no longer limited to glasses but includes many stylish accessories!

It’s high time to equip your dog with glasses, huh?

#5 Father’s Quotations

Justin Halpern had a very sarcastic and talkative father. He constantly came up with new sayings, which his son used to boost his Twitter account. He tweeted the expressions of his father, and a month later was able to fend for oneself.

Without any effort, Halpern began to earn well, was mentioned in well-known TV shows, and then published his book and released his TV series! What the powerful idea!

#6 Save of Time on the Internet

Unlike glasses for dogs and some other ideas, this one was doomed to success from the very beginning as it was designed on the base of for human psychology.

Successful businesses of the 21st century are built on the desire to help lazy people as well as those who value the moments of their lives. That’s why each and every aspiring businessman can make a fortune on eliminating things that irritate people. Make life easier, and it will reward you in return!

Guy King noticed that the need to sign up on most websites was annoying for several reasons, including the need to give your email address to unknown people. On this base, King created BugMeNot, a website that generates a login and password for any site on which you register in the blink of an eye.

The project has been successful for more than ten years, which indicates its popularity and usefulness.

#7 The Upside-Down Ketchup Bottle

In 1991, Paul Brown developed a special valve that released the contents of the bottle when its sides are pressed. He patented it and began selling its rights to famous companies like Heinz, NASA and shampoo makers. The bottle became so popular that in four years, Brown sold his company along with design rights for $ 14 million!

#8 Patch

In 1920, the wife of a Johnson & Johnson researcher cut herself during cooking. Surprisingly, her husband immediately came up with the idea of developing something that would stop blood more effectively than standard cloth. That’s how the patch was invented.

#9 Stickers

Stickers are one of the most genius inventions as they are very cheap, easy to use and helpful. People say that Spence Silver came up with the idea by accident, but it’s not so important. Stickers easily peel off from the surface, allow you to leave reminders and even build plots for novels or movies!

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To sum up, we should note that original ideas are the best that you can have for starting a business. If you bring to the world something new and useful, it will be in demand, no doubts. Moreover, you have all chance to become a monopolist and avoid any competition.

Be the first to believe in your ideas! I wish you best of luck in your business endeavors!


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