Home-based Customer Support For NextRep

September 27th, 2013

NexRep, leader in providing call center services to industries, is looking for Home-based Customer Support Agents.

According to NexRep, their Agents can generate an income of average about $15 per hour, with some agents exceeding $25 per hour.

NexRep agents pick their own schedule; if calls are available, you choose when you want to provide services. Taking a short break, picking up your kids from school, or any of the other concerns of daily life are yours to address as you choose.

They have various positions available:

  • Customer service agents: In this opportunity agents will support Jawbone, a producer of wearable technology and audio devices. Agents will help callers solve any challenges they’re having using their product, via phone or email. If the problem cannot be solved agents may help the caller process a repair or return
  • Outbound Television: For this call type agents will help customers of TV products find a way to get the items they want. Outbound calls are those in which an agent calls the customer. This is not a cold call. In these cases a customer has recently placed a phone call to express interest in a product, but did not place an orders
  • Outbound Catalog: In this opportunity agents will help customers find new clothing products that they may be interested in. Outbound calls are those in which an agent calls the customer, this is not a cold call. These customers have already placed an or


  • The legal ability to provide services within the United States, residency within the United States, and no criminal record
  • A Windows based computer, with the ability to read Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF documents
  • A printer
  • High-speed Internet (minimum of 250 kpbs) that is not provided by satellite
  • Your computer must be plugged directly into your router; it may not use wireless
  • A USB, noise-cancelling headset
  • Access to a landline or cell phone, but only during initial certification. When you provide services as an agent you will use
  • your computer and will not need a phone.
  • A quiet area, free of distraction, to provide services

To learn more about this work from home customer service job, please visit the original job listing here: http://www.nexrep.com/agents.html#agent

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