Home-based Outbound Call Center Agent

August 5th, 2013

Pearl Interactive Network, Inc. is seeking home-based outbound call center agents.

Outbound Agent to make calls for a variety of campaigns – business to business.  Duties typically include making a minimum of 20 calls an hour to talk to businesses about products or services. This is typically campaign work so the nature of the product or service varies.

Additional Information:

  • Typically Eastern and Central Time Zone.
  • Full or part time position – range of hours likely 11 AM-7 PM. EST
  • Part time: prefer 4 hrs M-F.
  • Pay is based on hours worked per hour.

Technical Requirements:

  • Windows based PC/laptop (sorry, Macs are not compatible).
  • High speed internet-DSL/Cable (no satellite).
  • Quiet appropriate in-home office space.
  • Minimum internet connection speed 3MbPS.


  • Typing speed, minimum 30 words per minute.
  • Able to operate a PC and navigate a screen to enter information.
  • Excellent Grammar and professional telephone and email correspondence skills.
  • Must be articulate (skills testing will be required).

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