Inbound Customer Service Reps

August 6th, 2013

Active Network is currently looking for seasonal, full time, customer service reps.

The CSR’s needs are expected to run through early September with a chance for future regular (12 month per year) part-time status.

They  are hiring employees to handle a specific assignment (referred to as “membership support project”) in which you will receive phone calls from customers needing information and/or billing updates on their personal membership plan. You will generally be scheduled 32-40 hours per week during our business operating hours of Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm ET. Our mandatory paid training program (April 29 – May 3) will provide you with all the skills needed to be successful in this position. You will receive continual support from our supervisory staff, Information Technology (IT), Training, and Human Resources groups.

You will be provided a company computer (“thin client”) and headset – equipment and shipping costs paid by ACTIVE Network.


  • Listen to customers’ needs, find and enter information in a quick and efficient manner through the use of a headset while using ACTIVE Network’s technology; maintain control of customer conversations in a calm, professional, and polite manner; maintain ethical and positive disposition in interacting with customers, co-workers, and supervisory staff; ability to cross train in and work on different in-bound customer service programs.
  • Adhere to our formal attendance expectations and overall company policies and procedures.


  •  Standard, PTOS/Analog landline ONLY home phone service. We are unable to accept any cable or VoIP providers. Brighthouse is not an accepted provider at this time.
  • High Speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, NO Satellite). Brighthouse is not an accepted provider at this time.
  • Minimum internet speed as a minimum of 3 MB or higher download speed and minimum of 512 KB upload speed.
  • Able to be connected directly to the vendor’s router by Ethernet cable, No wireless.
  • Have a monitor capable of displaying a resolution of 1024 x 768 (no all-in-one or laptop monitors)
  • Must have capability to maintain these requirements and have a source to repair your equipment if a non-ACTIVE Network technical problem arises.

This position pays $8.00 per hour with a $250 incentive at the membership support project’s end (if employed at time of project’s end and overall work performance is satisfactory including Organizational policy adherence).


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