Customer Service Agents (Independent Contractor, work from home)

November 30th, 2012

Accolade Support provides call center services for numerous other companies and organizations. They are hiring temporary Independent Contract with possibility for longer term.

hourly base plus per minute comp, up to $9.00 per hour


Technical & Logistical Requirements:

1. A U.S. based home telephone number. (No cell phones)
2. A corded telephone set with a headset. (No cordless phones)
3. A PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
4. Your PC wired to a cable modem, DSL modem, or broadband connection. (No wireless connections)
5. A quiet environment where you can take calls without being disrupted or callers hearing any noise or sounds in the background

To be considered for an Independent Contractor please email your letter and resume, or relevant marketing material to;

Visit their site here for information about the company.

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  • Mark Anthony T. Padua

    Good day! how can I join on this job working while home. please help me I want to join or I want this job working while home based. please contact me…..thank you.

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