Job: Disney / Theme Park Writers

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Job Title Disney / Theme Park Writers
Category Writing & Editing
Salary $40 per article
Job Information

Are you interested in writing about theme parks, and being paid for it? Are you a talented writer capable of producing original, fascinating content that theme park fans will love to read? Then you sound like a great candidate to join Theme Park Tourist’s writing team!

Theme Park Tourist is one of very few theme park websites that are willing (and able) to pay contributors – and we also offer you the opportunity to share your talent with a huge audience. We receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, and tens of thousands of pageviews every day – making us one of the most popular theme park sites on the web.

The basics:

  • We’ll pay you $40 per article, with each article being around 1000-1500 words in length (a little longer or shorter is fine, as long as the quality is great).
  • You’ll be asked to contribute at least one article per week.
  • You MUST be an expert on Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando or theme parks in general.We’re looking for writers that want to make a long-term commitment to write for Theme Park Tourist. If you’re looking to contribute articles on an irregular basis, this isn’t the role for you.
  • We’ll pay you at the end of each month.

We don’t see the point of churning out identikit news stories or top 10 lists that you’ve already seen elsewhere. Instead, we have four key criteria for every article that we publish:

1. It must be INFORMATIVE (the reader should learn something new).
2. It must be ENTERTAINING (it doesn’t need to be laugh-out-loud funny, but theme parks are in the entertainment business, and so are we).
3. It must be UNIQUE (a simple rule is that if you’ve already seen an article with a similar title on another website, we’re not interested. The article can be on a familiar topic, but it needs to be approached from a new angle).
4. It must have a COMPELLING TITLE that clearly gets across what it is about and tempts theme park fans to read it (this is absolutely vital when sharing content on Facebook and other social media sites).

Our readers are primarily interested in Disney and Universal theme parks. They lean heavily towards Disney, and towards Florida rather than California parks. Having said that, we aim to cover the broader world of theme parks, rather than simply being just another Disney fan site. And some of our most popular articles have nothing to do with Disney, Universal or Florida.

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