Job: Transcriptionist – Once/Twice per Month

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Job Title Transcriptionist – Once/Twice per Month
Category Transcription
Job Information

The transcriptionist will type up any type of meeting minutes, court proceedings, mediations, telephone conversations, and more.


  • Grammar – A transcriptionist must have a great understanding of grammar as any word in the entire dictionary, and even some that aren’t in the dictionary, can come up during transcription work.
  • Punctuation – It is imperative that a transcriptionist have a good handle on punctuation.
  • Conversational and Formal Speech – A good transcriptionist will have an understanding of colloquialisms that may be used by various speakers.
  • Listening Skills – The transcriptionist must have superior listening skills to ensure every word in a meeting or session is accurately transcribed.
  • Research Skills – A transcriptionist must be able to research terminology, grammar and punctuation, and even try to figure out words that are hard to hear in order to deliver quality work to the client or employer. This may involve internet searches or making telephone calls.
  • Computer Skills – Most transcriptionists work from home, so they need to have basic computer skills in order to download various types of files, install software programs, and be able to use the programs required by their clients and employers. A transcriptionist needs to know how to utilize the Internet for research, networking with other transcriptionists, to communicate with clients and employers, and to find jobs.


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