Job: Writing Articles (work from home)

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Job Title Writing Articles (work from home)
Category Writing & Editing
Job Information

I am posting for writers who are looking to work from home. This is a paid per article position.
You will be paid weekly through PayPal (assuming you have written a minimum of $20.00 worth of articles) and there is no shortage on the amount of articles offered.
This position is good for anyone, but it is best for writers who are just starting out, or those who want to work part time. Full time is available as well.

Writing Gig, Great for Students – Constant Work, WEEKLY Pay
Don’t worry, it’s not another CL scam… This is a freelance writing job for people with plenty of time on their hands and a good internet connection. Yes anyone can join, but you do have to prove you have writing abilities or it will not last. I’m not promising you crazy amounts of money. This could just be a little bit of additional income every week.

This is how it works: Anyone can sign up (by invitation only), but not everyone moves up and makes more money. There is constant work. You can do as many or as little assignments as you want every day. The pay isn’t fabulous – avg. about $2.00 per 350 words – but once you have shown that you have writing skills, know how to use spellcheck and will get a lot done, the automated system will gradually start sending you better assignments.

Higher paying assignments are automatically sent out to the most active writers on the site. There is a rating system for writers. You have 8 hours to complete each assignment. Make sure you TAKE YOUR TIME on your first 5 assignments as you will be evaluated after that. Once evaluated, you will probably move up to a level 3 if you are decent. This will get you better assignments. After some time, there will be more chances to move up and make more money.

Payday is every Monday, via PayPal. As mentioned, the pay averages about $2 for every 350-word assignment. If you complete 10 assignments per day, 5 days a week that’s an extra hundred bucks a week. I know we can all use that!

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