How to Land a Freelance Writing Job

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A great work at home writing job is not easy to land, unless you have it down to a science. As a professional freelance writer, I have successfully landed many work at home writing jobs. The key to successfully getting a freelance job is that you need to have a system of applying. You need to find out what time of day these postings are the freshest, and how you can have a methodical system of getting “bites” on your resume hook. I have developed a system, and I get bites from big fish. I have to throw some fish back. I commonly read in a reply email from prospective employers that I have the best looking cover letter out of a hundred applicants. You can develop your system to get bites too.

Do you know the key elements to landing a work at home writing job?

If you want to successfully land a work at home writing job, you need to have 3 things:

  1. An Online Portfolio
  2. A Successful Cover Letter
  3. An Effective Resume

An online portfolio can either be a collection of articles you have written for another website (or websites). This demonstrates that you have experience writing, and have been published online. It is better to provide samples of articles that have been published under an editor, and a recognizable brand name. (i.e. Yahoo News, CNN Money)

A successful cover letter is one that demonstrates that you have experience as a writer and actually elicits responses from prospective employers. If you have sent out 25 cover letters, and no responses, then you should look to improve your cover letter. Keep in mind that the cover letter was traditionally printed on a piece of paper and mailed. In today’s age, the cover letter is something that you send via email in response to job postings. The cover letter is also called a “query” letter by some.

An effective resume is one that adequately demonstrates that you are a skilled writer, with the experience to do the job well. If you are applying to a “Freelance Writing Job,” then you want to send out a resume that only lists experience related to (or may benefit you) at a freelance writing job. Do not put your welding experience or part-time jobs to fill in the time-gaps. Applying to a freelance writing job is different than applying as a professional to a corporate job. Freelance employers are not interested in what you did with your time in the time gaps. The most important thing is to demonstrate that you have recent freelance writing experience, and that you are proficient enough to get the job done right.

Tip for the Freelance Writing Resume and Online Portfolio:

Join a paid-per-view website. When you don’t have a work at home writing job, publish articles on this website. Then, you can put this on your freelance writing resume that will show that you have been writing over a period of time. These sites typically don’t pay a lot of money, but as you build up a collection of articles, you will notice a snowball effect. They generally pay better down the road once you have built up articles. This not only helps your resume, but you are also building an online writing portfolio. It is very important to remember that if you want to show off these resumes as writing samples, don’t write on unprofessional topics. Try to be a niche writer on a paid-per-view site rather than experiment in areas that you are not proficient in.

Blogs Are For Opinions…

Blogs are for opinions, while paid-per-view sites are for your expertise, written with your knowledge base. Niche writing is great for landing writing jobs in a specific field as an expert on a subject. Niche writing is also great for developing an audience of readers that return to your online portfolio for more information on this given subject.

If you want to experiment with poetry or fiction, create an alias on some site and try your luck. There is no need to put this on your writing resume (unless applying for a creative fiction writer job).

If you want to land a serious work at home writing job, it is time for you to craft an online portfolio, a successful cover letter, and an effective resume. Then, you can develop a system of applying online to work at home writing jobs that get prospective employers biting.

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