Market Research Surveys Ireland €1 for every 5 minute survey

September 4th, 2013

Acumen, a market research company in Ireland is looking for consumers to participate in the online surveys.

They provide research services to a range of Irish and international companies, advertising professionals, media publishers etc. The type of surveys conducted ranges from monthly reports featuring the top websites used across the Island of Ireland to social opinion polls, through to new concept testing. All research reports produced through Acumen Online are demographically controlled in accordance with the broader population, as identified by way of an annual nationwide Establishment Survey, combined with Government population statistics.

It’s free to join.

Completing surveys on Acumen Panel will earn you Sharepoints. Theywill send you an email invite to take part in surveys online. For each of these online surveys that you qualify for and complete you will earn a minimum of 100 Sharepoints. For each estimated minute that you take to complete these surveys, you’ll earn 20 Sharepoints. To make this as transparent as possible, this equates to €1 for every 5 minute survey you complete and we will even give you 10 Sharepoints if you don’t qualify. You can see this system in action from the sample table below:

100 Sharepoints is worth €1 to spend in our Sharepoints store, and you will receive Sharepoints with each survey you complete on Acumen Panel. Our Sharepoints store is run through, from where you can use your points to purchase products, vouchers or even donate them to charity.


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