Mobile Graphics Engineer

September 24th, 2013

The Mozilla Firefox is looking for skilled graphics developers to work with the Mozilla Open Source community and partner companies to develop the next generation of web experiences.

They are looking for people to come in and make heavy contributions to the graphics capabilities of the Gecko platform, specifically on mobile devices.

This is a senior position, we want you both to innovate and improve Gecko’s rendering architecture, as well as mentor others and be able to guide more junior developers through architecture decisions and mobile pitfalls.

In this position you can work remotely remote work, or if you are near one of their offices they can provide a desk. They have offices in San Francisco, Mountain View, London, Paris, Auckland, Toronto, Vancouver, and Taipei, as well as coworking spaces in Portland, Boston, and elsewhere.


  • Along with general C/C++ and standard app development skills, you’ll be expected to know some combination of:
  • OpenGL/OpenGL ES knowledge, including keeping up with changes to the OpenGL spec as well as interesting extensions
  • Direct3D/Direct2D knowledge
  • General graphics knowledge (Have you read Andrew Glassner’s Notebook? Do you have the white book with examples in Pascal? Does OpenGL not having an efficient 2D rendering API bother you?)
  • Performance considerations on various GPU classes — mobile (differences between Mali, Tegra, PowerVR?); desktop (Intel GPUs vs. AMD/NVIDIA?) and more importantly, what does that actually mean for application development
  • Android graphics pipeline (Do you know what SurfaceFlinger is? Do you know how SurfaceTexture interacts with GL and SurfaceFlinger?)
  • Issues with font rasterization, including layout considerations and efficient glyph rendering


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