Hispanic.com Seeking Moms to Write About Experiences

May 20th, 2013

Hispanic.com is seeking moms to write for Hispanic.com about 2 times a month.

They are looking for moms who want to share lessons they are learning from raising their kids, daily struggles and successes, challenges of bilingual learning, choosing a school or college etc. If you know your way around Spanglish – that’s very cool!

They want you to do 2 posts a month, i.e. 1 post every 2 weeks. Please send a writing sample (a resume helps too – but if you don’t have one that’s ok!).

Compensation: 400-500 word article: $12: after 6 months $15 per article

APPLY HERE: dszxm-3815681237@gigs.craigslist.org

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