Movie Theater Check Assignments (work from home)

March 1st, 2015

Do you enjoy going to the movie theater to watch the latest film? Want to get paid to go? Market Force Information has on-going theater movie check assignments that are available throughout the US and Canada.

By registering with Market Force, you will have access to not only theater check assignments, but all kinds of merchandising assignments, auditing, and many other types of work.

If you are already registered as a member of the Shopper Force, you can search for the current assignments in your area, and other assignments that become available each week. If you are not currently registered, follow the registration instructions below.

Additionally, Market Force is looking for serious-minded mystery shoppers who are dedicated to quality and professionalism to help meet the needs of all of our clients covering a variety of industries.

To register on our secure website as a Merchandiser/Theater Checker, go to To register as a Mystery Shopper, go to

Click HERE for other work from home mystery shopping job openings.

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