Mystery Shopping Opportunity With Spies In Disguise

March 2nd, 2015

Become a mystery shopper with Spies In Disguise.

pose as normal customers performing specific tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way—and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

The details and information shoppers take note of typically include number of employees in the store on entering, how long it takes before the mystery shopper is greeted, the names of the employees, etc..

Shoppers are given instructions on how to perform the assignment and exactly what to focus on during their visit to their assigned location. This may include testing the knowledge and service skills of the employees or a specific scenario for a particular service issue. For instance, mystery shoppers at a restaurant may pretend they have a complaint regarding their food, or at a clothing store you may be required to ask about gift-wrapping services.

After the visit, the shopper is required to submit the data they collected via the internet or mobil device in a timely manner. This information is then reviewed and submitted to the client.

Compensation as a Mystery Shopper varies depending on the assignment – ranging anywhere from a small fee of $8-12 up to reimbursement for purchases plus a fee for the completed assignment.


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