Over The Phone Medical Interpreters

September 11th, 2013

Language line is looking for over the phone medical interpreters for various languages. The telephone interpreter is responsible for handling calls on demand, rarely by appointment, and renders the meaning of conversations in the consecutive mode of interpretation.

This is a work-at-home position; it is essential to ensure a quiet, secure environment. Interpreters are required to take notes and consult glossaries or dictionaries as needed. The interpreter must have an exclusive land line or high quality VOIP, and uses a telephone and headset.


  • Render correct concepts and meanings according to the conventions of established interpretation protocol
  • Provide clear and accurate renditions with no additions or omissions
  • Follow client’s instructions, manage the flow of the call and avoid taking over the call, as well as avoid interaction with the Limited English Speaker (LES) without client’s permission
  • Understand protocol and terminology in the healthcare industry
  • Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the call at all times
  • Have access to the Internet or work related electronic communication
  • Answer the phone promptly and conduct calls in a friendly and professional manner



  • One year of professional medical interpreting experience in a medical setting preferred
  • Fluency in English and Zo and skilled in the associated cultural dynamics
  • Ability to provide cultural competency and assess regional and accent differences to find ways of communicating with the limited English proficient patient
  • Excellent listening, retention and note-taking skills to maintain a high level of accuracy
  • Knowledge of industry-specific terminology, referencing glossaries and training materials, including scripts provided by our clients
  • Ability to concentrate and to stay detached from the conversation, remaining neutral and objective at all times and following client’s instructions closely

APPLY HERE: https://www.languageline.com/company/careers/interpreter-careers/

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