Paid Group Behavior Research/ Up to $900

May 3rd, 2013

Institutes for Behavior Resources is working on a NASA funded study to understand individual behavior in a group context using interactive computer based tasks. Long-term and short-term studies are available.

They are located in Maryland, so you need to be close to the area.

The short-term study consist one 2 hr visit involving group computer tasks for which you will be compensated $30.00. During this session you will also be asked to give 3 saliva samples of 1ml each and have your heart rate and respiration monitored.

Completion of long-term studies takes a minimum of three months, and participation includes at least one 3-hour session a week, as well as two 12 hour sessions (one of which is overnight). Sessions will involve computer simulations of group space exploration involving two other participants. Compensation for the long term study is $20/hr. Upon completion of the long-term study total compensation will be at least $900.

All compensation will be by CHECK and will be mailed to you after completion of the study. We are accessible via MTA, Light-Rail, Collegetown and Hopkins shuttles.

If you are interested in this study please fill out our online questionnaire at the link below to be considered.

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