Remote Campaign Director

August 20th, 2013

MoveOn is looking to hire a remote campaign director.


  • Constantly thinking of creative new ways to mobilize people and have an impact
  • Understands, trusts, and connects with grassroots activists and wants to support them in doing impactful, creative work
  • Skilled at creatively thinking about how to combine community organizing best practices with scalable tech tools
  • Experience directing advocacy campaigns is preferred
  • Ability to manage project teams of staff and large numbers of volunteers
  • Powerful writer for popular audiences, especially short and grabby email actions
  • Knows how to make campaigns newsworthy and generate press coverage to help them win
  • Able to quickly synthesize information about new topics
  • Adept at figuring out creative ways of leveraging technology to make good things happen
  • Skilled at testing new uses of technology, and knows how to measure what’s working
  • Has managed tech projects, including scoping and spec’ing out web tools
  • Experienced with HTML, and ideally with CSS, SQL, Perl or similar technologies


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