Remote Content Curators

April 12th, 2013

For Brazilian art, music & culture site (International).

They are building a media library for “the essentials” on Brazilian creative expression, including music, film, art and literature.

They are looking for assistance with curation and content creation from people “in the know” on authentic Brazilian creative expression (past and contemporary). Their project is rooted in pure love for Brazil and aims to facilitate human connectivity and cultural exploration.

Contribution will be fairly compensated! Here’s a list of the kinds of people they imagine would be a good fit for this project:

• Soul funk seekers/People who keep it real/People who are trying to get down and dirty on the dance floor of life
• Intellectuals/Academics
• Artists
• Art aficionados
• Scenesters
• Music-makers
• Music aficionados
• Journalists/Writers
• Literature buffs
• Filmmakers
• Film buffs

Apply by emailing your resume to:

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