Remote Creative Writer For Startup

April 11th, 2013

An early stage Education startup with $1.5M in seed funding from top investors is looking for creative writers.

The founders were early employees at Facebook, Zynga, and Microsoft. They are currently in stealth and looking to testing the market with a few consumer apps. Read – apps that hopefully you and your friends would use!

They are looking for a witty writer who can convey the excitement of their products. Can you write funny snippets that describe a mobile app? Can you give their product a voice? Can you help them craft language that will appeal to you and your friends?

They are looking for the best and willing to pay the best – $50 / hour and if they find a good fit, the chance for you to convert to full time ($75k+ salary + equity + perks).

To apply, use one of their apps and write an app description for it. Email that to them along with a resume to:

Link to one of their App:

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