Remote Editor/Writer/Web Generalist

April 12th, 2013

Small digital publishing company is looking to hire an entry level Editor/Writer/General Website/Social Media person to write for their insurance related publishing company, handle various community management and social media tasks and anything else we can throw your way.

This is an entry level position and experience is NOT required. They have limited bandwidth to train heavily, and need someone who is a fast learner, can assimilate information on new subjects quickly and can write well and quickly,

They are looking for someone with a very healthy level of experience with the internet in general, someone who can learn and assimilate new information quickly, someone who can take initiative and would thrive in an opportunity with a large amount of freedom and limited oversight. Strong writing skills and the ability to write quickly on any topic after limited research will be very beneficial, as will creativity and the ability to edit submissions from others and can handle other projects as well.

This is a work from home position, but this is a full time job.

The only qualifications needed are that you are very intelligent, can work from home with access to internet and a quiet workspace, can write well, edit well, participate in social media and can manage yourself with little oversight. Perfect for a sharp new grad with no previous experience.

Salary is $28,000-$35,000 per year.

Please include a resume and any qualifications you can list as to why you can be successful in a work from home environment and email to:

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