Remote Metadata Writers

April 9th, 2013

A film archival company looking for a team of SEO metadata specialists to work on large-scale metadata writing projects for several clients.

All work are project-based, but if you demonstrate your an asset to the workforce, they will continue to offer you work on future, related projects.

Applicants must have a background in Information Sciences, Communications, or related field, with a strong command of English spelling and grammar. Technical skills in database management or website design are recommended, but not necessary. Additional skills to include in cover letter:

  • Experience with Google’s Ad Words
  • Basic computer programming skills
  • Personal websites or blogs
  • Background in writing or blogging, specifically in Film, Home Improvement, or Food
  • Background in Film post-production media services

You must be highly adaptable, able to meet deadlines, solve problems independently, follow directions and protocol, and be comfortable using technology. This position is for telecommuting independent contractors. Pay rate is project-based, at industry standards.

To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to jobs [at] mediarecall [dot] com to be considered. Subject should include the city from which you’ll be working.


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