Remote Project Manager

January 9th, 2013

Small but well-known online marketing company where everybody works from home is looking to hire a project manager.

This specific position involves project management for their marketing clients. More than anything else, it is a communication position. People come to them with a lot of misunderstandings about how online marketing works, and sometimes they have consultants who are steering them in the wrong direction.

What you would do on a daily basis is explain how the company services work, update clients on recent accomplishments and achievements, and read/analyze each client’s Google Analytics marketing performance reports.

The two essential skills for this job are effective communication and a good attitude. You do need some experience in customer service, and you should have an interest in online marketing, including Google Analytics, WordPress, etc.

This position is full-time during business hours and pays $600/wk. on a 1099 basis.


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