Remote Site Moderator

February 8th, 2013

Directly is looking fr part time site moderator. As a site moderator you will be reviewing the quality of content on the site.

The work consists of 25-100 micro-tasks emailed over the course of a shift. Each task takes approximately 1 minute and must be completed within a few minutes of receiving the email. Although that totals only 25-100 minutes per work over a shift, the person must be available thoughout the shift to answer quickly, so the entire shift is compensated.

Your performance will be evaluated on your task completion rate (i.e., 99%), your average response time (i.e., 2 minutes), your maximum response time (i.e., 5 minutes) and your accuracy (i.e. 95%).


  • Review internal guidelines for reviewing content
  • Complete roughly 25-100 one-minute tasks withing minutes of receiving them
  • Participate in a short weekly phone call to review performance metrics


  • You have a laptop and smartphone with internet access and email
  • You can set up SMS alerts or notifications to immediately alert you when a new email arrives
  • You are fluent in english as a first language

Compensation:$25 per shift or $150 per week


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