Remote Social Media Expert

April 12th, 2013

A dynamic company made up of case managers, attorneys, private investigators and public relations is looking for remote publicist / Public Relations professional to work with the attorneys, investigators and case managers to build effective campaigns to stop the attacks and reverse the claims and to recapture public opinion. You will have substantial experience using social media and other online communications.


  • Experienced publicist / public relations agent specializing in promoting and defending individuals reputations
  • Skilled at using social media, the press, blogs, twitter, community moderators, etc. to develop creative ways to take charge of the message and influence opinion
  • Excellent writing skills, accomplished communicator with a proven ability to influence with the keyboard
  • Good contact network, strong relationships with relevant media that can be utilized to promote our clients with national, regional or local coverage
  • Work on high-profile cases with high-profiles clients, with a team of skilled, professional managers, attorneys and investigators
  • Established freelancer, comfortable working from home or from your own office while able to maintain focus and discipline and work with team members across the country

Compensation: $30 – $50 per hour, depending on experience

Apply by emailing your resume

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