Remote Writer Business Management

July 22nd, 2013

UniversityNow is looking for remote writers who are Subject Matter Expert in Graduate-level Management.

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) will work with a member of the course design team to develop all the components for the course. This includes writing learning objectives, researching textbooks, and developing core course materials, as well as creating original assessment items such as a final project, quizzes, exercises, and multiple-choice test items. The SME is responsible for creating innovative materials, ensuring the highest quality assessments, and validating the correctness of the content. The SME will be hired on a contract basis for specific task(s) and must complete a 30-minute online practicum prior to hire.


  • Write learning objectives that meet university standards and reflect skills appropriate for the course
  • Develop original multiple-choice test content that meets accreditation standards using sound and accepted pedagogical practices
  • Research and find textbooks and other materials that support the achievement of the learning objectives
  • Develop and review original learning materials and media
  • Create a final project, including instructions, rubric, and evaluator notes
  • Write original quiz questions and exercises that support the achievement of the learning objectives
  • Complete timely revisions
  • Meet aggressive project and revision timelines


For graduate level courses, a doctoral degree with 15 transcript credits in the subject area plus 3-5 years of relevant work experience is required. A strong background in Business and Management and experience teaching and learning in an online environment is preferable.


  • Comprehensive content knowledge in specific subject area, including familiarity with current theories, practical applications, and industry standards
  • Ability to complete thorough and accurate work and manage time effectively to meet aggressive project timelines and produce high quality results
  • Responsive to feedback and collaboration
  • Familiarity with educational technology, teaching strategies, and online course development
  • Strong oral, written, and online communication skills


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