Reservation Agents

February 4th, 2013

McKeeStaffing is looking for reservation agent for a leading reservation company’s call center for accepting incoming calls and entering reservation requests.

This is a temporary work from home position that will run through early September with a chance for future regular (12 month per year) part-time status.

If hired, you will inform them of your scheduling preferences within our requirements of at least 32 hours per week including weekend hours. You will be part of a growing Work-At-Home Department and receive continual support from the supervisory staff, Information Technology (IT), Training, and Human Resources groups.

Be part of the latest trend in There are no out-bound calling or sales/commission requirements.

Duties Include:

  • Using a company provided headset, use your excellent communication skills to accept and make reservations for customers over the telephone using our browser based reservation system
  • Maintain productivity goals with the help of our supervisory and training staff

Apply by sending your resume to

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