Scams Targeting Work-at-hom Jobs

August 15th, 2013

FBI is actively investigating to identify the most common work at home scams. Work-at-home opportunities can be appealing to many looking for work or extra income. However, scams for these types of jobs are also prevalent.

Following are the most common work-at-home scams identified by FBY :

  • Advance-fee scam, requiring hundreds or thousands of dollars in inventory, setup and materials, which may not be worth anything.
  •  Counterfeit check “mystery shopper” scam, in which you are sent a large check, asked to deposit it and withdraw funds to shop and check out wire transfer companies by wiring money back to the employer.
  •  Pyramid schemes, in which you are a distributor but need to first pay for promotional materials and products that have very little value and then asked to recruit friends and family to sell as well.
  • International middleman scam, in which criminals use you to receive and re-ship checks, merchandise and solicitations to other potential victims.

Important Information to be aware of: Under the Business Opportunity Rule, sellers and marketers have to give you a one-page disclosure that includes the identity of the seller; a list of references; information about lawsuits or other legal actions involving the seller or its key personnel; and information about whether a cancellation or refund policy exists. If it does, then they also inform of the terms of that policy.

Link: The Spokesman Review

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