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Sell Your Services For A Fixed Price

Blast your services for Money at Gigblaster; You can buy or sell offered products / services online and earn commissions from $5 to $500.

They have three job levels:

Level 1 – This is the entry level where you can offer services from $5 to $10 and you must complete your first 5 jobs on time with a positive customer rating before you can move to the next level.

Level 2 – Offer services from $5 to $200 and keep a rating of 95%

Level 3 – You can offer services from $5 to $500 but must keep a positive rating of 95% and complet 10 jobs.


By Eli

Eli Natoli - The creator of Work at home mother of two! I I have raised my children while working from home; I started the site back in 2008 to encourage other moms on their path to finding work from home job.

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