Senior Java Developer

January 17th, 2013 is looking for a senior Java Developer to help enhance Gaggle’s web  and mobile tools.

This is a work from home position and the hours are flexible. They are seeking a full-time programmer for 40-50 hours per week who ideally will continue with Gaggle for at least 2 years. You’ll be responsible for adding new features, tracking down and fixing bugs, and architecting and developing new systems.
Gaggle.Net is a provider communication and collaboration tools for students at K-12 schools throughout the USA and Canada.


5 years of solid experience coding java based systems. The ability to work independently and manage your time is important.

You should have an excellent understanding of the following technologies, or be able to learn those you’re unfamiliar with VERY quickly: – JavaScript, AJAX, and Dojo Toolkit – Java 5, JSP, Struts – Hibernate, Spring, JavaMail, Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Eclipse IDE, ANT, and CVS.


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