Social Media Copywriter

February 13th, 2013

PR Bridge is looking for work at home writers.

The Writer’s primary responsibility is to deliver compelling and well written articles that translate concepts obtained during client content calls into effective messages, presented in the client’s voice.

Duties include:

  • Creating accurate, clear and brand relevant copy suitable for all digital platforms
  • Utilizing best practices to ensure all deliverables support wider online objectives such as back linking, SEO optimization and keyword utilization
  • Performing supplemental research as necessary to round out the article and/or embellish on the topic
  • Sourcing appropriate, publically available images in support of the deliverables
  • Proofreading copy to check for spelling and grammar errors
  • Developing an understanding of the personality and communication style of the client and adjusting deliverables to fit that style
  • Amending, revising or redeveloping articles in response to feedback from the managing editor
  • Using PR Brigade systems to submit all client deliverables in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ensuring all client deliverables meet or exceed PR Brigade’s quality standards

Find and more and apply here:

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