Social Media Expert

August 13th, 2013

MoveOn’s is looking for a social media campaigner who would be responsible for managing MoveOn’s overall social media strategy and presence


  • Campaigning and organizing — Help MoveOn members win their campaigns, using social media to organize support for campaigns as well as to put pressure on campaign targets
  • Strategy — Further develop and lead the organization’s overarching social media strategy, setting clear goals that will support more MoveOn members in winning their campaigns as well as telling our organization’s story
  • Innovation — Know best practices, but also experiment with and innovate new ways of using social media networks to make an impact
  • Coordination and training — Train other staff to use social media to advance their work, and coordinate posting and production of content
  • Analytics — Manage systems to monitor activity across our social media channels, assess our impact, and evaluate the success of our strategy; regularly update other staff about our performance
  • Quality control and risk management — Implement systems to prevent distribution of content that is inaccurate, inappropriate, or poses a reputational risk

An ideal candidate will have at least 3 years of relevant experience and possess the following:

  • Campaigner at heart — smart, strategic, and bold in using people power to win campaigns
  • A social media animal, active on various platforms, knowledgeable about the current social media landscape as well as trends on the horizon
  • Expert in analytics and testing systems
  • Excellent writer and editor, with impeccable attention to detail
  • Keen eye for powerful and effective graphic design
  • Broad understanding of politics, advocacy, and the progressive movement


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