Social Media Moderator

September 23rd, 2013

LiveWorld, Inc. is hiring 20+ Social media Moderator. LiveWorld is the market leader in social media strategy and content programming services and technology for global brands such as American Express, eBay, MINI Cooper, P&G, Pfizer and Walmart. Their main service offerings are:

  • Moderation to protect brands on Facebook and across social channels.
  • Actionable insight to enable brands to learn what their customers think.
  • Content Programming to engage and support customers.


The team of Moderators are virtual, part-time, work from home professionals. A Moderator’s responsibilities include protecting a brand’s image, and increasing brand loyalty through the following:

Content Moderation:
Sweeping of client content, which can include Facebook Wall posts and comments, message boards, chat boards, user groups, blog entries, videos, pictures, or audio files on either LiveWorld or client platforms. Tasks may include the following:

Reviewing user content
-Tracking user content
-Taking action on content (such as hiding, deletion, user response, or escalation)
-Tagging user-generated content

Brand Response Moderation:
-Moderators respond in context and in a conversational tone to user questions and comments, according to client direction and in the brand’s voice.

Review user comments
-Respond to comments with pre-determined responses
-Alert Moderation Manager of trends leading to need for new or updated responses
-Escalate as required


LiveWorld provides moderation in many languages and defines fluency as complete competency in reading, writing, and speaking at a native or near-native level. Language needs vary depending on client needs. Currently, all moderator applicants must be fluent in English. Additional foreign language fluency is a plus!


  • Demonstrated social media super-user (including Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Current and active participation in Facebook fan pages, groups and discussion threads a plus
  • Involvement with online community activities/types of content (blogs, video, images, audio, discussion board posts, etc.) is a must
  • Strong writing skills are a plus
  • Previous moderation experiences preferred, but not required
  • High-speed Internet access a must


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