Telephone Interpreters

July 10th, 2013

Language Solutions is hiring Telephone Interpreters.  This is a work-at-home position with a flexible schedule

You will be  responsible for handling calls on demand, rarely by appointment, and would render meaning of conversations on the consecutive mode of interpretation between speakers of two different languages. She/he processes information quickly and concisely, recognizes sensitive cultural differences and is professional and courteous at all times. The interpreter will use appropriate industry terminology and understands common industry procedures and practices. The calls may involve simple or complex, non-technical or technical subjects in the following fields: Healthcare, Government, Insurance, Financial, Utilities, Travel & Hospitality, and 911, Law Enforcement, Court, and General Business.


  • Near native fluency and highly skilled in the cultural dynamics (cultural implication and idiomatic expression) in Mixteco and English
  • Excellent listening, retention and note taking skills to maintain a high level of accuracy
  • Knowledge of industry-specific terminology, maintain and study of glossaries and training materials, including scripts provided by our clients
  • Ability to concentrate, to stay detached from the conversation, and to remain neutral and objective at all times
  • Ability to follow client’s instructions closely
  • Ability to explain certain cultural concepts to avoid miscommunication
  • Completion of High school education
  • Education in languages/translation/interpretation or related fields preferred, but not required
  • Bi-lingual work/education experience in customer service or any language field (teaching, language assessment, translation, interpretation) in the target language
  • Experience of working/studying abroad in countries where target language is spoken


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