Training And Recruiting Company Director

January 7th, 2013

HOTCOE, a training and recruiting company, is looking to hire a  director to monetize and expand the HOTCOE programs. This is a work from home position.

HOTCOE stands for Hands-On Training & Career Opportunities for Everyone. International Club, a non-profit corporation in Washington, DC, initially developed these programs for immigrants entering into the American workforce. Now, the HOTCOE programs are available to the general public.

There are six HOTCOE Career programs as follows,

1. HOTCOE Career Discovery — its participants are offered administrative positions such as administrative assistants and project managers to discover their calling, while getting core people and tech skills training including web architecture, web programming, web administration, web testing, etc.
2. HOTCOE Career Launch for those who know what their new career is. This program introduction is at
3. HOTCOE Masters for middle- and high-school students
4. HOTCOE Professional for those professionals, who are giving back to the community
5. HOTCOE Recruiting for recruiters and employers
6. HOTCOE Second Language for those, who need a second language to land a dream job

The major training offerings are Database Administration, SharePoint Administration, and Project Management. The salary starts from $65,000 (contract, strictly tied to the results). If the training is needed, they will train at no cost. More details are available at


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