Travel Agent/Personal Assistant

May 23rd, 2013

This company is looking for Travel Agent/Personal Assistant who is Fluent in Korean. This will be a great, fast, rewarding project for the right candidate.

The person applying for this project will need to be able to do the following within 7 days starting immediately:

  • Plan a trip for two to Jeju island for a 3 to 5 day trip through exhaustive research.
  • Provide advice on any special options for this trip through your research
  • Meet a budget of 3,500 US dollars, but this can be adjusted according to the trip planned.
  • A special restaurant reservation for June 25th, the couple’s anniversary.

You can note the hours for this project at 15 dollars per hour. Be ready to document all the research done (websites visited, agencies called, etc.) and present how you determined the best stay for the best deal with a 15-minute timed PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation (you will be paid for this time as well). This presentation will be the factor that determines whether this leads to long-term project-based work for other professionals looking for this kind of help.

If done well, this short-term project can lead to consistent long-term work with similar and business related projects in Korea and New York. Please reply with what you believe makes you best suited to complete this project and your resume. Thank you and I can’t wait to read your application.

Compensation: 15 per hour for first project


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